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Learn The Best Kept Secret To Surviving and Even Thriving In Todays Challenging Business Environment…

Today’s business environment is very competitive and growing your business has become increasingly difficult. Expenses keep rising and the competition keeps getting more and more fierce. Businesses are closing at alarming rates, while revenues are declining or sluggish at best for those still operating. Even business owners that are prospering know it could vanish tomorrow if they are not thinking two steps ahead of their competitors.

Knowing you should be proactive to survive and grow your business is fundamental. Hoping business will improve without taking action is not a viable or valid strategy. So the questions we need to ask ourselves are, what shouldn’t we do and what should we do?

Obviously, you should not keep doing things that are not working and expect different results. Traditional methods of marketing and advertising are no longer cost effective. The return on investment is rapidly shirking if it hasn’t vanished altogether.

If we pay attention to the marketplace, learn from our mistakes and the mistake of others, emulate those that are succeeding, growing your business can become a reality. Simply stated the businesses that are surviving and thriving in today’s lighting fast environment are adapting!

Local Search

The most conspicuous shift is where they are investing their capital to acquire new business. Offline marketing methods have become less and less effective. The advent of “Local search” and smart phones has all but killed TV, radio, newsprint and yellow page advertising. This fact is in step contrast to the record growth in online advertising.

Successful business owners along their advertising dollars are abandoning old school conventional marketing mediums in hoards. Which is only logical, as they have become ineffective and too expensive. The majority of the people looking for your service are now looking online or using their smart phone.

Google reports that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. And 50% of the business goes to those businesses in the first 5 positions on page #1. It’s no longer a luxury to be on page #1 of the search engines, its become a necessity.

Businesses that are surviving and growing are thinking forward. They embrace the empirical evidence that supports that internet as the largest source of potential new business and they use that knowledge to their advantage. Better still; the recent changes made to the search engines have created a virtual Gold Rush opportunity for local business owners who stake their claim on page #1 of the search engines.

Simply put, you need to be where the people are looking when they are looking! That’s where Big Mouth SEO can help. Big Mouth SEO specializes in helping businesses that serve their local community grow using an affordable internet domination strategy to stake your claim for page #1 listings.

Reputation Management & Social Media

However, it is not enough just to be listed #1. In addition to ranking on the top of page #1 for Google, Bing and Yahoo, you also need to have a good online reputation. Today’s surfers are sophisticated and publicly sharing their experience with your business with other potential customers. Ranking on the top of page #1 with bad reviews can be a devastating blow to anyone’s business.

Bad reviews can also be the demise of a business buried on page 2 and beyond. When potential customers learn of your business through referrals or other offline channels they search for reviews on your business for additional feedback. Google reviews along with companies like yelp, citysearch, superpages and countless others provide additional reviews offering the consumer deeper insight into your customer satisfaction scores. 70% of consumers report online reviews are an important factor in deciding with whom to do business.

Big Mouth SEO has created a comprehensive solution to achieve page #1-search results for your business simultaneously helping to insure your stellar online reputation. Our Social Media department led by seasoned professional associate Jennifer Manger; also has a proven record of accomplishment. Observe a few or the more recognizable brands, listed below who have benefited from our Social Media Optimization expert. Read our testimonials; view the results of our methodology. Take advantage of our Free Ranking Report. Get to know us and it will be clear why we are the right company to help you with Local Search Engine Optimization and Reputation Management and Social Media needs.

Social Media Clients

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